Sharn City

Sharn City, also known as the City of Wonders or the Crown City is the biggest and most important and influential city in the Kingdom of Sharn. The road to Sharn City is well paved and well patrolled. The city is the hub of trading from the mineral-rich Dawnforge Mountains to the north, and home to the Orisus and the Aspen Merchant Guilds, two of the biggest merchant guilds in Sharn, which do trade with the other houses of the east and south.

Sharn City was named as the namesake of the Kingdom, having been one of the first settlements of man at the dawn of the 4th era some 3,000 years ago. More than 100,000 people make their home in Sharn City.

It is also home to the Four Bishops of the High Church and the Royal Family of Sharn, King Edwin Carramis, his Queen Lea Carramis, and their eldest son, Prince Alexandar Carramis. It is also home to advisors and representatives of the four houses of Sharn, House Coburn, Redoran, Milah, and Moorah.


Sharn City

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