Sir Jacoby


Sir Jacoby is usually seen wearing free-flowing red robes embroidered with gold trim. He carries a staff, but a dagger also hangs freely at his side. He is very quiet and keeps to himself, and when he is not giving orders to the crewmen, he is usually found in his study, pouring over books and scrolls.

He is versed in the art of magic, but he speaks very little of it. He speaks even less when asked how he came to know this ancient and forbidden art.

His long hair has grayed beyond the age that his face tells, and he rarely takes down his hood…. and when he does, his head is always covered with a bandanna. He carries with him a certain air of sadness.


Jacoby was recruited into the church at a young age, showing an incredible intelligence, and was trained in the forbidden and secret arts of magic by an arch-mage. He was trained as part of an elite task force that was to destroy the Knights of the Last Citadel. His mission failed, but he was captured and brought back to the light by Sir Higron. He know is a Knight of the Last Citadel, but still wears the scars, both emotional and physical of his time in the church.

Sir Jacoby

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