High Abbot Graham Michaels


Graham Michaels was the High Abbot in the town of Seahaven, who raised Luma Rae as his own daughter. Many years before the arrival of the 7 heroes of Sharn, he secretly joined the Bringers of the Dawn, learning the truth about the Keeper and his true identity. He wore the mark of the Dark One upon his head, but managed to keep it hidden by magical means.

Just before the events of the destruction of Seahaven, he attempted to execute a woman in the town’s square before the heroes of Sharn interrupted his ritual. The town guard intervened and they were captured. He had 7 prisoners set as decoys and executed in the town square so that everyone would believe that they were dead. He then sent the 7 heroes on a mission to the Spires Temple, telling them that the aim was to defeat the bandits that had taken up residence there, but the goal was instead to retrieve one of the three orbs of the ancients.

In their absence, Michaels performed a soul reaping on the town that pulled the physical bodies of all of the citizens (with the exception of the children) of Seahaven into the Keeper’s Void. He then had a group of mercenaries lay siege to the town to destroy anything that was left alive.

(the destruction of Seahaven)

Upon the return of the heroes from Spires Temple, Michaels attempted to retrieve the orb from them. He enlisted aid from the Keeper’s Void Imps, but was ultimately defeated and left for dead.

Though he was found to be alive several weeks later, just outside the city of Estemere, when, while working with the Arch Bishop Monn, employed cultists to kidnap and use the recruitment ritual on Luma Rae and Petra.

The heroes, now five, faced off with Michaels one final time in an abandoned Cathedral as Michaels took on the bestial form of The Keeper and attacked them. He was defeated and killed.

High Abbot Graham Michaels

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